What is 3-PLY Surgical Mask and Where to buy Surgical mask?

This surgical mask works as a protective barrier with its direct surroundings that could affect us like Covid-19. Equipped with 3 layers, it is comfortable because it allows you to adjust it well on the face (by stretching its folds more or less according to its face shape).

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  • Why surgical mask is important? (Add Image)
  • Who should wear the surgical mask first?
  • What are the advantages of using a protective surgical mask? (Add Image)
  • How is the surgical mask price set?
  • Box of 50 disposable protective surgical masks (Add Image)
  • How to put on a surgical mask? 

Why surgical mask is important?

Surgical Mask

When I wear a mouth mask, I protect you, I protect myself. 

Wearing face cover mask helps protect droplets that could contain bacteria/viruses. Before the Covid-19 surgical mask use as a medical mask in the medical care sector, but now everyone should use this.

The surgical mask fulfills an essential anti projection role during in pandemic. In fact, these medical masks prevent its wearer, if the following is infected, from spreading the virus by projections of contaminated droplets.

This surgical mask is for single use. It should be thrown away as soon as it gets wet or soiled, remembering to wash your hands afterward. Usually, a surgical mask is worn for a maximum of four to five hours if you are in unpleasant surroundings.

Who should wear the surgical mask first?

  • COVID-19 infected people
  • "Contact persons": these are people who have been in contact with a person who has tested positive for the virus without having been able to comply with effective protection measures (direct face-to-face contact, less than 1 meter away, sharing of a confined space with a contaminated person for more than 15 minutes).
  • Caregivers when caring for patients, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), "are the most exposed to COVID-19, because it is transmitted mainly through close contact with a suspected case or confirmed and its immediate environment. 

What are the advantages of using a protective surgical mask?

mouth mask

  • Retains particles emitted by the wearer
  • Disposable
  • Easy to store
  • Comfortable and reliable
  • Efficient filtration (95%)
  • Non-irritating and gentle
  • Odorless
  • Unique size
  • Environment friendly
  • It primarily protects the environment from the wearer, hence the need for the sick person to wear to protect his entourage.
  • It also protects the spread of droplets emitted by a person opposite.

How is the surgical mask price set?

On this very sensitive subject of mask prices today, expensive if we compare it to the prices charged before the corona virus crisis, we want to be transparent at our level. By explaining to you how our sale price is set and giving you the regulatory framework.

The general measures are necessary to deal with the COVID-19 epidemic in the context of the health emergency the surgical mask price was very high at the beginning of COVID-19. The maximum selling price to consumers for a surgical mask was 20 rupees/per mask and in some places in India, it was selling in 50 rupees/per mask.

But now the price by the retailer has fallen to 10 to 20 rupees/per mask. But Enviro Protective Gear offers these high quality surgical mask price at a wholesale - 6 to 7 rupees/per mask in a pack of 50.

This surgical mask price is the lowest compare to others because we manufacture our entire surgical mask in our factory in India, Gurugram.

The goal is to offer the best quality surgical mask at a low price for every Indian. 

Surgical face mask by Enviro Protective Gear are ISO 9001 certified 3 ply face mask Manufacturers in Delhi, India

3 ply of 20 GSM Spun Bond Non Woven Surgical Mask with an external hydrophobic layer, which resists blood, water, Pollution, and body fluids.

Box of 50 disposable protective surgical masks

Surgical masks - box

Characteristics of the Surgical mask:

  • Filter efficiency (EFB filtration) greater than 95%
  • The high degree of breathability
  • 3 folds with good breathing space
  • 3 thicknesses for optimal filtration
  • Adjustable according to the face
  • Latex free
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Made in India

How to put on a surgical mask?

  • Wash your hands with soap and use hand sanitizer. Rub all the surfaces of the hands.
  • Take your mask by its fasteners and present it in front of your face in the right direction: white face in front of you, rigid edge at the top.
  • Thread the rubber bands behind the ears (or tie the top of the mask, if it has laces).
  • Finally, stretch your mask up and down so that it covers your nose and chin well, pinch the rigid edge at the nose, then finish attaching it. 

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