Personal Protective Equipment - Best PPE Kit in India

The impact of this virus our break is worst then we thought, it kills over 11 Lakhs people and more than 36,000,000 people are affected worldwide.

Many countries managed it but some like India with a massive population are still on the balanced side. So we must be careful and follow all guidelines by the government for our health. Social distancing, wearing a face mask, regularly hand wash, and PPE kits for our doctor and medical staff.

In today in this article, we talked about Personal Protective Equipment why this product is important? How to use the PPE kit? And all you know need to know about it

In This Article

  • What is (Personal protective equipment) PPE Kit
  • Do I Need PPE Kit 
  • When should PPE be used?
  • How to Wear Personal protective equipment (PPE Kits)
  • What are the steps to choosing PPE?
  • PPE Kit at Wholesale Price

What is PPE - Personal Protective Equipment Kit

What is PPE

It is a wearing that covers our whole body and protects an individual against a given risk, according to the activity he will have to exercise. 

Generally speaking, the whole body can and should be protected. It is generally a professional garment.

Its concept is understood in opposition to collective CPE. It generally contains:

1 coveralls with shoe cover,
1 Set Nitrile Gloves,
1 3Ply Mask,
Goggles / Shield,
Disposable Bag.

All these products are available in one set

Do I Need PPE Kit 


Confirmed COVID 19 infected person should wear a mouth mask every time. If you are home quarantined by the government then the non-infected person must wear it while interacting with you e.g. giving you food.

Healthcare personnel

Doctors and medical supporting staff need this PPE Kit because they work between hundreds of COVID 19 infected persons. So any Healthcare personnel must wear PPE Kits whether they are doctors or nurses.

People who are serving other people

Workers are related to interacting with many people like shopkeepers, sweepers must wear Personal protective equipment if they are living in the yellow or red zone.

When should be PPE used?

It is used to reduce or minimize exposure to or contact with harmful physical, chemical, ergonomic, or virus - COVID 19. 

PPE should only be used in the following circumstances:

  • As an interim measure (short term) before the implementation of control measures;
  • When other control measures are not available or adequate;
  • During activities such as maintenance, cleaning, and repair when control measures before exposure are impractical or ineffective;
  • In emergencies like in Hospital

How to Wear and Remove Personal protective equipment (PPE Kits)

Sometimes the person you are caring for will get an infection or diseases that can be passed on to people them come into contact with.

The PPE you need will depend on the type of infection or illness you might come into contact with.

Your healthcare team will tell you what type of PPE kit to wear based on where you are going.

The most common PPE items that you will surely need are:

Disposable gloves to protect your hands,

The personal protection gown to shield your skin and your clothing. A disposable gown is the best option, as you can throw it away after use. Some local utilities provide it, so don't hesitate to request it.

Face Mask to guard your lungs from dangerous particles. It can be simple masks like this or an N95 Face Mask respirator like this

You will also need protective glasses to cover your eyes. If you wear prescription glasses, choose eye safety that you can wear over your glasses. The most important thing to do to prevent the spread of disease and infection is to wash your hands, so start with that.

How to wear Personal protective equipment (PPE Kits)

Start by putting on the gown. 

To put on a gown correctly, you need to place the opening in your back and tie the ties at the neck and waist.

Then put on your mask and goggles. 

To put on the mask, place it over your nose, mouth, and chin.

If the mouth Mask has ties, tie them behind your head. Some masks have elastic bands to go behind the ears, which makes them easier to wear.

They also sometimes have a flexible piece of metal at the nose. You can easily twist it to fit the shape of your nose.

If you must use an N95 Face cover Mask India, each mask must be used in a particular way and must be adapted to your face. 

Then put on your protective glasses like a normal pair of glasses.

Always put on your gloves last.

Make sure your hands are dry, as the gloves will stick to any wet part of your skin, making them more difficult to put on.

Put on the gloves by placing the opening over the sleeves of the gown.

Put face shield   Must wear face shield at the last on top of your mask.

If it provides shoe covers then put it at the last.

How to Remove Personal protective equipment (PPE Kits)

Take off the gloves first. To remove them, hold the outer edge at your wrist and turn the glove over as you remove it.

Hold the first glove you removed in your second hand and repeat the same gesture, turning the glove over. The first glove is found inside the second.

If at any time when removing PPE your hands are visibly dirty, wash them before removing the next item.

Next, remove the gown by carefully undoing the ties, pull it from your neck and shoulders forward, folding it back on itself.

Finish by removing the goggles and your mask. Loosen the ties or remove the rubber bands, avoiding touching your face.

Finally, wash your hands and you're done! Dealing with illnesses or infections at home can be scary, but as long as you protect yourself properly the risks are very low.

What are the steps for choosing PPE?

PPE kit

Once the need for it has been established, the right type of equipment will be chosen according to two criteria:

  • the degree of protection required, and
  • the suitability of the equipment concerning the situation (what are they offering in it e.g. a PPE kit must contain:
    1 coveralls with shoe cover,
    1 Set Nitrile Gloves,
    1 3Ply Mask,
    Goggles / Shield,
    Disposable Bag (especially for Covid-19).

Before buying PPE Kits check out whether it is SITRA/DRDO APPROVED or have any ISO certification. Don't buy it if it doesn't have one.

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