How do our face masks help?

Masks with full coverage design:

Our masks are made of cotton fabric lined with soft cotton jersey fabric for a comfortable fit with wire above the nose for close fit and with the pocket to insert more layers of the fabric

Cute Prints Cotton Face Masks, Adjustable, Handmade 100% Cotton with Elastic Bands, Reusable, Washable, Adult Size

Please keep in mind that this mask is NOT a protection against corona viruses, but can significantly reduce the distribution of your own droplet into the environment and thus contributes to the protection of others.

Corona and influenza viruses are transmitted by droplets, which are caused by speech, coughing or sneezing, for example, and can reach the mucous membranes of contact persons. The droplets can also reach surfaces and direct hand contact with surfaces that are contaminated can also lead to transmission.

Wearing a mask in public can reduce the transmission pathways in the population. It makes sense to wear a mask every time you meet another person to reduce the distribution of droplets. This applies to commutes, when staying in rooms with several people and when visiting public buildings and facilities.

Care and cleaning of the reusable mask:

The reusable mouth mask must always be stored dry. After use, the mask must be carefully undressed and, if possible, not touching the outer surface. After undressing, a hand wash should be carried out. A used mouth mask should be cleaned after use or at least once a day. It is recommended to boil the mask on the stove in a water bath. It is also possible to wash them at 90 degrees, but please without additional garments - the fabric can give off color. The mask must then be dried.