Face cover mask - Your go-to guide

As the COVID cases in the county are rapidly increasing, many states day by day. It is recommended for everyone to cover their face by wearing protective Face Mask. Apart from wearing a face cover mask, there are many guidelines and precautions to follow to stop/contain the spread of this Virus.

It is mandatory to cover your face but wearing a handkerchief on your face doesn't work that well. Having significant leakage around the nose and under the mouth. So then what to use?

So here is all you need to know about Face Mask:

In this Article

  • Should wearing a Face Cover Mask be mandatory?
  • Types of face cover Mask in India
  • What are the uses of these types of face mask?
  • Are Surgical Masks Effective in Covid-19?
  • About Reusable Surgical Mask
  • Things you should be Aware of in This Pandemic:
  • When should you Wear Face Mask?

Is wearing a Face Cover Mask mandatory?

According to health experts, here is what you need to know about face cover mask, the truth might surprise you.

Whether it should be mandatory or not to be, depends upon many factors like your surroundings, where you are and covid cases near your area.

If you are near covid hospital or visiting covid patient then you must wear a face cover mask. Or if you are going to a crowded place then you must wear a mask.

For eg. Many countries have mandatory to also wear face masks inside the car and many countries don’t.

It’s for the safety of taxi’s passenger. 

Types of Face Cover Mask in India

Face cover mask - types

FFP2, FFP3, N95 masks and cloth face mask: There are several types of face cover mask available in the market. But the most common and efficient are Surgical Mask; masks manufactured in India also called 3 ply face mask manufacturers in India.

These are the simplest: they consist of a protective polypropylene layer covering the nose, mouth, and chin. They are for single use only.

More sophisticated, so-called FFP2 or FFP3 (for dust) filtering masks protect the wearer against virus inhalation, unlike surgical masks. They usually have a valve to facilitate exhalation. FFP masks, an acronym for “filtering face piece”, comply with a European standard. On the Indian side, this is called EN95 & KN95. These are the same masks, with a few details.

Luckily, there is EN95 & KN95 Comfortable Mouth Mask by Enviro Protective Gear that filters up to 95% airborne particles that are as small as 0.3 microns without having significant leakage around the nose and under the mouth.

What are the uses of these types of face mask?

Each mask has its usefulness in their own ways. Surgical masks are used to protect projections. They prevent the emission of positions and droplets. In other words, they do not protect the wearer at all, but only his neighbors and your friends. 

That could help to spread of Covid-19.

To protect you, N95 Mask, which blocks virus inhalation, is necessary. This is particularly the case during intubation or endoscopy when the patient emits microscopic droplets called aerosols.

Are Surgical Masks Effective in Covid-19?

Face cover mask - surgical mask

The answer is rather yes if one relies on scientific literature. A large scale review into the subject in 2011, in the case of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) caused by a coronavirus that is 80% genetically similar to that of Covid-19

Aggregating the results of seven case control studies conducted retrospectively from the 2002 SARS epidemic, the authors note that six of them find significant efficacy, noting that, “the Surgical masks are the measure supported by the foremost consistent and comprehensive proof ”.

The question is additionally more complicated than" is that the mask helpful or not? ": we tend to take into consideration the circumstances reckoning on whether or not or not they favor the transmission of the virus." And conjointly wear them well: the bulk of users don't fix them properly, canceling all protection.

About Reusable Surgical Mask

  • Reusable polyester face masks with ear loops for lasting comfort
  • Eco Friendly safety Surgical masks for each girl and man.
  • Anti Droplet, reusable, and drip dry up to thirty times.
  • One size matches most, straightforward on and off, straightforward carrying.
  • Good mask once movement through full airports, bus terminals, malls, parks, and busy town streets.

Things you should be Aware of in This Pandemic:

  • Stay at home in your "safe zone".
  • Avoid public transportation. Walk, use your car.
  • Avoid closed spaces with A/C.
  • Avoid contact with people without face masks.
  • Sanitize hands after touching anything outside of the safe zone.
  • People while not wearing face masks are a risk for you and for your shut ones.
  • Droplets will unfold up to seven meters.
  • Expect that everything outside of the safe zone is contaminated. Do not bite your eyes.
  • On metals and plastics, the virus will persist for days. Clean your telephone.
  • You can produce your own medical care, ideally 70% alcohol.
  • Always wear a mask outside (even homemade)
  • A used mask ought to be treated as contaminated. Clean or boil it.
  • The slower breath will increase the potency of any mask.
  • Protect your eyes with any glasses
  • Protecting your eyes is essential because of the protection of your breath.

When should you Wear Face Mask?

While it seems accepted that there is some form of viral transmission, wearing a surgical mask makes sense in certain situations. 

In his car or during a walk in the forest, it is completely useless but in some places in India, it is compulsory to wear a mask even inside the car. But if we are in a confined environment (an elevator or in a shopping center for example), then it can have a protective role, not for oneself, but for others. 

But if everyone wears it, then we benefit from mutual protection: it is the others who protect you. Perhaps once the Covid-19 epidemic has been brought under control, we will change our practices with regard to wearing masks, and wear them to protect others, as many Asian countries are already doing, albeit for multiple reasons.

The reason for writing this article is only because of safety for you and safety for all of us. So please follow the guidelines given by your government and corporate with local police